Discovery Read of Mr. M. Social Realms:

Today we worked on your Social Realms and aspects.

1st chakra

We saw you in deep thoughts, not moving, as a statue that is frozen in space and time. You were not interested in career and did not want to hear about it, because career means lots of work. You did not want to have ambition because ambition equals lots of work. Having job was a burden for you expressed in this chakra. The dysfunctional beliefs from this chakra could undermine your business and life, and definitely hold you back in business. You had a very so slow energy in this chakra because you were still trying to protect from something that comes from your social environment, instead growing up and be part of this social environment. So, we empowered your career, your ambitions and job and connection with social environment in these areas of your life.

2nd chakra

We saw you in this chakra trying to run away of circumstances and experiences. We saw you in panic of what can happen. Your dysfunctional belief in this chakra was that intimacy in any aspect is not possible because people cannot be that close and compatible to each other. Probably, your experience with your Dad created distrust in all others. We also saw you in this chakra holding your inner child in your hands, as you are a baby. You were trying to help your child within to calm down and be in peace. So, there were two parts of you in this chakra, one who understands all and knows the life, and then this little kid that is afraid of everything. Holy Spirit integrated both parts of you and empowered your intimacy in your social environment, so you will easier feel compatibility with others in all aspects: in emotions, and mental aspects, spirit and moral aspects, communication, goals, food, sports and free time.

3rd chakra

I this chakra we saw you afraid of others, what they will say and expecting that they will hurt you. You were afraid of someone teasing you or thinking that you are not good enough. This was lowering your powers to respect others and to be respected by others. We saw you in this chakra trying to be invisible. This is chakra of your power, so this third chakra was not shoving your dominance but weakness. When acting out from this chakra you looked too much obliged to do whatever needed for others and you were vanishing in their desires. In a way, you were controlled by other’s desires and needs.

We empowered you in this chakra to respect others and be respected by others, to master your social environment with your power, self-esteem, to show your self-values and to feel equal to all in your social environment.


In this chakra we saw you trying to hide something, to hold on something. When we explored how do you form relationships, we saw that no one could reach into certain parts of you, and you were hiding from others. In a way, you were turning your back to relationships, because you had a small little secret that was more important for you. When we asked about the secret we were brought to your childhood. What you were hiding were some memories of the cherished moments when you were happy, completely happy. In your heart you did not believe that this happiness could occur again, and this was the reason that you were not completely open in your relationships. In friendships, you were taking more care of friends than yourself. We empowered your inner self, and filled your heart with happiness, unconditional love, light, feeling of completeness, peace. Then we empowered your freedom and you feeling good in friendships and relationships, always expressing your true, powerful self.


In this chakra we saw you trying to prove self and your truths to others, trying to force them to understand, but unsuccessfully. Communication script with others was telling them what to do, instead empowering their creativity to find resolutions. In confrontations you were trying to protect from others, instead feeling equal in expressing your truths. We also saw in this chakra your desire to hide in some addictive behaviors so you do not need to deal with social environment and confront others. We empowered you in this chakra to stand firm, confront peacefully, speak your truth, to hold your position and creatively find the way to resolution of all needed.


In this chakra we again saw you trying to hide yourself, your thoughts, expressions, your feeling and this was separating you from society. It was difficult for others to reach you in this chakra, because you were in this chakra in your own thoughts. We also felt that in this chakra you were disconnected with others, and even with some parts of yourself. We empowered in this chakra your integration with your environment and connection of all your aspects with your social aspect and then connecting your social aspect with your outer environment.

7th chakra

In this chakra we saw you in fear of God, fearing communication with Divine Powers. In the whole social aspect we saw you fear of things that are coming from outside, from your social environment. The dysfunctional belief in this chakra was: Even if God controls certain things that are happening to me, how I can trust God and anyone else. We cleared this old script and empowered the new one: I embrace my social environment, because it is my mirror through which I see myself, learn about myself and easily change and grow.

It might be a good imagination exercise to imaging yourself contained in a very large transparent “Bubble of Protection”. It is time to poke through this bubble and mutually interact with the outside universe of things and people. It is the only “sociable” thing to do in order to grow.

At the end we activated your ZeRo Point Essence. We saw you with very big eyes trying to see the world differently, in better way, with more trust. Your face was shining and moving out into the society, in your heart you had power and trust, and your right foot was already stepping forward without fear.


Mr. M’s Testimonials and Notes after his Discovery Read Session:

Thank you for the report, it was incredible session for me.

The report is magnificent, thank so much. So many valuable things I can learn from there.

Few things about the session:

Firstly, I had many dreams, in colors, with all the sounds and feelings, and that was very fun. I also saw you in the dream. I saw myself sleeping on the bed and then you came and touched me. After this touch the huge wave of energy went through all my body that I even woke up.

Also last few days I constantly feel the energy in my both arms and also at my right side of the head and right shoulder. I truly feel it. Sometimes it is weak and some time the feeling becomes very strong.

I am looking forward for the next session on Spiritual Realms… it will be awesome.

Discovery Read of Mr. M’s PHYSICAL BODY.

Today we worked on your PHYSICAL BODY. This is reading and healing of inner organs, glands and senses connected with consciousness in physical body, again, exploring each body system through different chakras. There was lot explored, cleared and healed in your physical body.

SYSTEMS OF BODY that each chakra masters:
7th chakra—nervous system

6th chakra—endocrine system

5th chakra—respiratory system & metabolism

4th chakra—circulatory & immune systems

3rd chakra—muscular & digestive systems

2nd chakra—reproduction & urinary systems

1st chakra—bones & lymph systems


In general, your whole physical body was showing apathy, exhaustion, no interest for doing things, it was playing in its inner space with its inner energy, not allowing outer energies to flow freely through it. This means that your body does not have good flow of Universal Life Energy that brings health and life to your body and to all your creations and manifestations.

We explored your physical body through each chakra.

7th chakra-nervous system

In this chakra we saw you asking for help from Spirit realm, and when help was coming, you were playing with this energy, not bringing it to your physical body. Compare this with kid that gets new things and does not know what to do with them. Your nervous system was showing panic when dealing with new things. It was showing anxiety, instead feeling peace and awareness about wisdom that you have and not allowing this wisdom to demonstrate and guide you.

You also had fear of future that was showing two manners: (1) not knowing what to expect from the future, and (2) not knowing will you be able to deal with your future.

Holy Spirit helped us clear your dysfunctional scripts, we empowered your trust in your wisdom and living in the moment. We saw your nervous system stretched and expanded in its ethereal realms, so the “little boy” can have adult wisdom about creating the life (not fearing what will happen, because what we fear we create).

6th chakra-endocrine systems

In this chakra we saw you pulling spirit energies in your physical body, but this act looked forced, so body was rejecting this integration. This was happening because you were doing what you were told, not what you felt that is best for you and your physical body. We saw you in this chakra trying to still live in a crib, in security, protected, but this also means not growing. You were afraid of imbalance in life, so, to prevent this to happen you were again pushing experience away from yourself. You did not want to hear, you did not want to see, but when wanting to ”cry” this out, energy did not flow, did not purify, so all was stuck within you.

We opened the whole flow of energy in this chakra. Holy Spirit worked with us and his Spiritual healers on opening your vision and hearing for all that is best for your Highest Good. He empowered you to accept change, expansion, growth, responsibilities and deal with all in a way as a King of his Kingdom.

5th chakra- respiratory system & metabolism

In this chakra you were communicating with your mental aspect, but not with your physical body. You were fearing life and pushing it away from you. This chakra was breathing life in your left side of the body, but not the right side. We cleared blocks in your right side of the body, but then energy still did not want to flow there. There was block in a form of dysfunctional belief in the right side of your body: I believe if I reject the breath of life, I do not need to create anything with it. You did not want this breath of life because you knew that it will rise you to the higher level of existence, and you will need to create more, grow, change, and you were fearing this. Holy Spirit helped us to clear all impurities and dysfunctional beliefs in this chakra, and balance flow of energy in it.

4th chakra- circulatory & immune systems

In this chakra we saw the metaphor showing you taking off your clothes. The meaning was that you are trying to get rid of your body to be free of the burden the body puts on you. Circulation in the body looked slow, meaning that life flows slowly through you. Whatever you have been creating in your life could manifest much better and manifest faster. Your immune system looked as it needs more energy and empowerment. Your body looked overloaded from outside, but protected with your protective armor, so this overload was not touching you. But definitely this overload was hanging above you as something you will need to deal with soon, and if not, it will berry you with stress and burden. You were pretending in this chakra that if you do not see the issue, nothing will really happen and it does not need attention. Holy Spirit guided us to clear old scripts and believes, and we empowered your circulation and immune systems with better flow of energy and acceptance of dealing with all needed in the moment with maximal attention, focus and powers.

3rd chakra- muscular & digestive systems

In this chakra we saw you fighting, you were very active, ready, and getting ready for action, but then not moving forward to achievement. You were playing the “game” of life, instead living the real life. You were angry on life that brought you some experiences that you did not want, instead learn from these experiences and move forward in life. Your muscular system was powerful, but on stand-by until you decide what to do, where to move. You’re your digestive system was absorbing lots of ’food’ that was going through you, not giving you needed energy. This was happening for the reason: you did not absorb life energy because you did not have precise goals where to put it.

Holy Spirit helped us to move you forward, to clear old scripts and to empower the flow of life through you so you can absorb life energy focusing on your goals for your Highest Good.

2nd chakra- reproduction & urinary systems

In this chakra we saw you again trying to go out of your body, trying to take your body off as it is only clothes. This was happening because you felt caught in your body, not being completely free to “be”. Reproduction system wanted to create so much and it was very powerful, but in this system you felt separated from outside world. Urinary system wanted to help you create beautiful world and creations, but was controlled by your “small” goals, so it was creating ”small’ things. When touched by others in unwanted way, this chakra and this part of your body was the area where you were hiding and mourning, feeling pity for self.

With help of Holy Spirit we cleared old scripts and blocks in this chakra and empowered your creative energy and beautiful goals.

1st chakra- bones & lymph systems

In this chakra we saw you trying to ground in this physical realm, but all was still trial, not putting enough energy to it. Your bones looked sturdy, powerful, but without life energy to move bone structure forward. Your lymph system looked peaceful and it was working pretty good. Though, you were separated in this area from the outside world, feeling OK for yourself, but being in a kind of apathy, or feelings that you are not doing what your should. Holy Spirit helped us empower your passion for life, enthusiasm and joy for life in this chakra. We grounded your whole physical body with earth and connected physical body’s systems throughout all your chakras.

At the end we activated your Zero Point Essence. We saw you beginning to spin around your left arm, faster and faster. Holy Spirit said that this movement is unraveling and cleansing old bodily scripts, opening cells for healing and rejuvenation with new programs for expansion, change and growth.

Lots of deep important information about you was revealed in this session. Keep this document as a checklist of things that you have changed and seen improvement with. With the help of the Holy Spirit and Healing Hands of our Light Beings, you should move closer to joy and good health. Let us know how are you doing?


Mr. M’s Testimonials and Notes after his Discovery Read Session:

Dear Zeljka and Robert,

Thank you for the report, indeed this session has made a lot of changes within me and I also see how it influences my behavior.

I would say that everything what is written in the report is completely true regarding my old scripts. I would not repeat everything from the report but would just say that it was surprising to read the report because it was explaining exactly how I felt before the session. Amazing…

I have printed report out and was reading it maybe for 5 times again and again. Every time I was understanding something new about myself and was feeling as I was changing.

Few remarkable things that happened after session – I became to behave as a man. Not as a boy anymore who was playing the games, pretending to be clever and powerful, trying to show everyone around that he is worth something. No, from now on I am feeling and behaving as a grown person. I know what is right and what is wrong. I understand my scope and when to allow other people to interact with my energy field and when I do not want this to happen.  I know what is good for me and will behave from the perspective for my Highest Good firstly.

I was very energetic after the session, even could not fall asleep before 5.30 am. Funny thing – I was sleeping on the back which is not typical for me =)

Thank you again for the session. I would like to ask when we can have a next one on Social Realms.


Discovery Read of Mr. M’s EMOTIONAL BODY.

Reading and healing performed by Zeljka and Robert.

Today we worked on your EMOTIONAL BODY.

Bear in mind that your “Emotional Body” has a biological connection to your physical body. It works spontaneously with your nervous system.

First we saw that your Emotional body is not grounded to the Earth. So, we did the grounding immediately, because without grounding person can be all over with emotions, not being able to control them.

We also saw an armor of negative emotions around your feet, that was blocking your grounding, so we cleaned this armor and empower clear light in this area.

Your Inner / Innocent Child was small, hidden within, not being free, not allowing development and growth. It was in fears of everything within and around. We were guided by Holy Spirit to work on your fears and stress accumulated areas.

Stress accumulated areas

  1. around your stomach
  2. around your feet
  3. your neck

Fear accumulated areas

  1. face
  2. lower tummy
  3. coccyx


Then the Holy Spirit guided us to work on your fear-based emotions through chakras to release and clear stress and fear accumulated areas mentioned above.

1st chakra

In this chakra we saw fear of moving forward, small you, undersized self-worth and insecurity. We saw you shaking in fear, and being ignorant about resolving it. In a way you were feeding on fear, so you do not need to do anything outside of this. We purified this fear and empowered your self-worth, growth and feeling safe.

2nd  chakra

In this chakra we saw fear belonging to someone else, being connected emotionally with someone else. This fear could be connected with you being abandoned or rejected in life, even by parents. We cleared this fear and empowered chakra with trust to your emotions.

3rd chakra

In this chakra we again saw you detaching from the outside world, pushing away all that comes from outside. In this chakra you had fear that someone will hurt you, and on thought on this you were shaking. You felt powerless and had anger towards yourself. We cleared fears in this chakra and empowered your inner powers and trust in outer information and discernment for your Highest Good.

4th chakra

In this chakra we saw you communicating and emanation love out, helping others, trying to show how important, big and powerful you are. But in the core you were vulnerable and disempowered. When any disharmony appeared from around you, immediately you were hiding in this chakra creating a shell of protection for yourself. In this chakra you had fear of being small and not important. When we checked your aspect: openness to love, we saw you more in your energy field, than opening towards other person. Again, you were fearing the emotional bonding and sharing. We saw fear of failure and it looked as it happened to you related to your Dad. You did not want to disappoint yourself or others, so you were holding on expressing too much emotions. We cleared this chakra and empowered: powerful ME, loving ME, free ME, safe ME, ME expressing love, ME expanding in emotions freely.

5th chakra

In this chakra we saw you talking to yourself lot. But, not so much expressing out, especially, not showing or expressing emotions. Emotional expression was blocked in this chakra. We saw you criticizing yourself, but then, allowing yourself to do nothing about it and not resolving the issue. This means that you were repeating the same old script again, criticizing yourself, and spinning in the same circle of critic again. We broke this circle and empowered you to learn from experiences, creating better circumstances for yourself every moment.

6th chakra

In this chakra we saw you addressing issues to Spiritual realm, or someone that you can not touch, but you can blame for all that you do not like, such as: destiny is responsible for this. We cleared fear of destiny, empowered personal relationship with yourself and trust in your own creations and manifestations. In this chakra we also saw low ability of focusing, because you feared that all is controlled by destiny and with some force from outside, so focusing was illusion for you. We cleared this old fear and dysfunctional belief connected with it and empowered your focusing and accomplishing your goals and desires.

7th chakra

In this chakra we saw you fearing light and all possibilities you have when calling on Spiritual powers and light to support you in your creations. You were also surprised with light, goodness, opportunities, abundance that you could achieve. This surprise energy was creating a block for bringing all these beauty and qualities into your life. We cleared blocks, surprises and fears, and empowered contact and connection with Light and Spirit realm, so it will support you in all your endeavors in every day life.

Be aware that emotions can be buried deep within the physical body and stay alive by the energy you give them. Feeling buried within the body never dissapear, unless you rid their roots. Once their psychology is removed and eventually replaced with new scripts, then you will sense joy.

At the end we activated your Zero Point Essence. We saw you being pushed in the world by Holy Spirit, to experience and express emotions without being shy, without fears, without delay. We saw you more and more confident to be emotional and feel good about this. We saw you not having second thought what others will think about you being emotional, or feeling disempowered with this kind of expression.

Mr. M’s Testimonials and Notes after his Discovery Read Session:

Hello Guys, Thank you for the report.

To be honest I started to sense your sessions, I did not fall asleep exactly at 10 am yesterday and for the first 10 min I was feeling like something is pulling me down… I think that was exactly what you were describing in the report as “grounding Emotional body”.

As you were also writing to me in the Report, I felt my Emotional body connected to nervous system. Therefore I shall say that last evening as well as today before lunch – I was feeling very emotional. Feelings were jumping up and down: from anger to sadness, from fear to euphoria.

Nevertheless, now emotions have stabilized and I feel very balanced.

Also another remark about my progress… I was giving a speech today on the conference and it was successful as never before. My advancement becomes very noticeable =)

About dreams: I do not remember my dream from the last night. But, I think I will start to remember them soon, since every time before the session and before going to sleep I repeat to myself words that you have written to me in the Report.

Besides above, very eager to have next session on Physical body. When can we make it? (P.s. … one of the issues – smoking…. Uf…. I am so tired of it… I need to give it up.) Regards.

Discovery Read of Mr. M’s MENTAL BODY

Reading and healing performed by Zeljka and Robert.

Today we worked on your MENTAL BODY.
First, watching from outside, your mental body looked as it is fighting something from outside. It looked as a shield of negative thought programs that you were holding in your hands, bouncing with it whatever was coming from outside.

The main dysfunctional belief in your mental body was: I believe that I need to hide so nothing can reach me. Actually, in this way, you were hiding for everything, you were being invisible. Even good things were not reaching you, because this energy or information could not find you.

We continued to explored your Chakras as Points of Consciousness.

1st chakra

We saw you in this chakra fighting with a sparing partner, all looked as a game for you, and you were free and winning. But when comes to trust life, feeling security and creating more than survival you were challenged and feeling fearful, even acting as a kid that needs protection. We empowered consciousness of life as a playing field, in which you are free and trust your powers, winning all games.

2nd chakra

In this chakra we saw your consciousness perceiving flower that grew, become beautiful and then began to vanish, rotten and disappear. This is your creative center and consciousness showed here that, when thinking about creation, you see death and end to it, instead change of energy, vibration and life. When flower that you see dies, there are so many seeds in it that continue life of the same flower, but in the other mode. It is important to feel the life everywhere, even in the things that look as dying.

We empowered your consciousness to see everlasting life, and different aspects of the same life, everywhere.

3rd chakra

In this chakra we saw as you are spinning backwards on a spinning wheel. We saw you repeating the same scripts over and over. Unfortunately, these scripts were moving you back in life, not forward. Your consciousness was trying to move you out of this circle, trying to grab someone from your environment who will pull you out, but the spinning wheel was holding you back.

The spinning wheel was representing dysfunctional beliefs:

  • I am not good.
  • Do not watch me, I feel embarrassed.
  • I believe that I must suffer.
  • I respect you, though I am not important.
  • I hold my position mentally, but in real life I move back easily.
  • I agree that I need to move out of this old script, but what is waiting for me when out of it? Better to stay where I am.

We cleared all these old beliefs and empowered new ones:

  • I am powerful, I feel great, I enjoy every moment of my life.
  • I easily confront and resolve issues.
  • It is easy to change. Change means better life.


4th chakra is anchoring the Consciousness to the body

In this chakra we saw you pushing information away from you. We saw a wall in front of you that you were trying to penetrate, break and move forward. The wall was representing your roots that were holding you here where you are, no matter that you wanted to move forward. Wall looked old, destroyed, full of broken bricks and some white powder. We asked Holy Spirit to help us clearing this wall and obstacles in your roots. As bricks began to be removed from the wall in front of you, we saw issues being removed:

  • Thinking and feeling small.
  • Brick, or stone on your heart.
  • Not acting on intuitive input in the moment, but waiting for rational input, that then you could not trust.
  • Abyss I front of you that you fear to fall in. Abyss represented unknown, subconscious mind.

Then we saw a hole in the wall that was opened for you and you moved forward through it, still in doubt is this OK to do, leaving other burdens behind you. Holy Spirit helped you to move forward saying that other burdens belong to your ancestors and they are not important for you any more.

5th chakra

In this chakra your consciousness moved us up into some unreal world of Spiritual energies. Then some hand turned a wheel and this spiritual world moved up side down, showing 6th chakra consciousness running within 5th chakra. We saw your consciousness feeling as it is in some other space where it does not belong. Instead of communicating, your consciousness was integrating emotions and information, but not knowing how to communicate this out. This was happening because energy of the 5th chakra and exchange of ideas was replaced with the 6th chakra. We reorganized energy here bringing to this chakra original energy of interactive communication and creative expressions.

6th chakra

In this chakra we saw consciousness with roots growing through few lower chakras. You had fear of your visions. We saw your mental processing in a way as you put information in front of you and leave it there, not paying attention to it any more, instead discerning and making decisions. We empowered integration of logic and sensing in this chakra, and harmony of information and emotion.

7th chakra

In this chakra we saw you watching stars and sky above you, being aware of Universal Wisdom, but also acting more as perceiver than part of this Universe. We connected you with Universal Intelligence and Spiritual Source and empowered Mind-Soul Learning in this chakra.

At the end we activated your Zero Point Essence. All in all, in this session you underwent a major re-structuring and improved alignments of your energy and its psychological shifts.

We saw you on alert, but calm, with your mental body sharp, and with trust on outcomes, sailing in the sky and unknown, but feeling secure, writing your wisdom in the book of your life, grown up, taking care of yourself, building abundant life for yourself, turning opportunities into gold.


Mr. M’s Testimonials and Notes after his Discovery Read Session:

Thank you for the report.

Everything what is mentioned there is so right, especially those statements:

  • I believe that I need to hide so nothing can reach me.
  • I believe that I must suffer.
  • I respect you, though I am not important.
  • I hold my position mentally, but in real life I move back easily.
  • We saw you spinning backwards, repeating the same scripts over and over

Basically the more I read reports from you the more I see that you have represented in the words what is happening to me and how do I feel.

Nevertheless I must say that I am changing rapidly. I can see that lots of things inside me and around me started to feel and behave differently.

I love it =)

Looking forward towards the next session – Emotional body.

Discovery Read of Mr. M’s Chakra System

Reading and healing performed by Zeljka and Robert.


Discovery Read Session Report for Mr. M.:

Today we worked on your Chakra System.

Holy Spirit was guiding us during this session.


8th- Soul Star Chakra-Grounding in Father-Spirit

This chakra was bursting in light, but shooting this power upwards, and not towards your body. The message was that you have fear of this powerful energy and not being able to do what is projected for you.

Best to trust that always everything happens for your Highest Good and the Highest Good of All. We cleared this chakra, balanced and empowered it.


7th chakra –Spiritual Center

This chakra was filled with light but again we did see this powerful light going nowhere, rather being saved for some other moment and need. The script was that if you allow this powerful light to enter your physical body, then you would need to do even more than you are doing now. This is wrong thinking, maybe some inherited beliefs from ancestors. Best to Trust that when you are connected with Spiritual energies and when this chakra works well, then you will possibly have more assignments but all will be balanced, guided by Spirit Realm, and Spiritual helpers will do work for you, when asked for help. Compare this with company that has best managing and working team in the world and you only need to master all this as a CEO-King. We cleared this chakra, balanced and empowered it.


6th chakra -Mental Center

In this chakra we saw you watching around asking for help, expecting help, waiting input from outside instead making your own decisions, trusting your intuition, knowing that you are accurate in your decisions. It looked as you still have some ties to parents, wanting to listen to them instead detaching from them and living your own life. Even if you think about your parents in the way that they did not complete what was expected from them, this can be tie that holds you in the childhood not allowing you to be in NOW, in this moment of your life. We cut negative ties and cleared this chakra, balanced and empowered it.


5th chakra –Communication Center

In this chakra we saw you fighting with words from outside, with commands that come from others, feeling them as attack on you. Even when something good was coming, we saw you reacting to it as it is negative, even before you examined incoming energies. This could be connected with feeling of being rejected and then creating belief that if you do not accept certain communication, then it is not possible to be rejected, so you felt safe. This is not good quality belief because lots of good information that were coming to you were rejected. We cleared your dysfunctional belief and script, cleared this chakra, balanced and empowered it.


4th chakra –Heart Center

In this chakra we saw you fighting with relationship, love, and yourself. We saw that instead of supporting balanced relationship, in a way you expect other person to reach you, not meeting the person in the middle to discuss issues. You are more in your energy, protecting your space, instead trusting your power and always seek for resolution and love. Compare this with boxing sport and the boxer that only protects, but never makes step forward in the game. What you do is saving your love in your heart fearing to expand it to relationship. It will be good that you are in your heart filled with love all the time and to expand this love to relationship and further, without fear of being attacked or hurt. We cleared your dysfunctional beliefs and scripts from this chakra, balanced and empowered it.


3rd chakra -Power Center

In this chakra we saw you fighting with invisible enemies. It looked as you are fighting only to show your power, not because there is a reason to fight. The dysfunctional belief was: to be ready. This dysfunctional belief only creates issues so you will be able to prove that you had right to think this way. Instead, better to create peace, and you will have peace of your mind and not lose your power for nothing important. We cleared your dysfunctional belief and script, cleared this chakra, balanced and empowered it.


2nd chakra –Creativity center

In this chakra we saw you bringing Spiritual energies in your creations, but when creations needed to be released, something was holding them back, so they were not manifested so fast. We saw how you are saving your creations instead allowing them to flow, be released and manifested. You had a problem with releasing energies so we cleared this chakra, balanced and empowered it.


1st chakra

In this chakra we saw you grounded with earth, but in some way you looked as you were tied there, not as you are rooted with roots that help you grow. You looked as in the prison here, not free to expand. When we began to release blocked energies from this chakra, we saw you panicking and going inward instead growing and expanding outwards. The reason for this was similar as in some upper chakras: the belief: if you know more, you will only have more burden on you. So best that you empower new belief: The more wisdom I have, the easier my life will be. We cleared this chakra, balanced and empowered it.


0-Earth Star Chakra-Grounding in Mother Earth

In this chakra we saw you cleaning the space, building your foundations, preparing for something great. But also, you were alone and you did not like it. We asked Angels to come to this chakra and empower your foundation. Immediately the image of a castle appeared that showed that you have royalty in your foundation, so you need to begin to live it. This means that with changed beliefs, you will be able to operate in your life with less burden and obligations and more help from around you and Spiritual realm. The only thing you need to do is ASK for help.


At the end we activated your ZeRo Point essence. We saw you in the Tree of Life. This was your tree, big and powerful and you were jumping from branch to branch. The meaning of this metaphor was that you have already developed great life, you have great opportunities, but your perception of yourself is that you are a disempowered kid that still does not know how to use your powers, gifts from God, material abundance and creative strength.


Mr. M’s Testimonials and Notes after his Discovery Read Session:

Thank you for the session and the report.

I continue to learn and explore more about myself.

Even my wife, who had read my report with me today, was surprised about how right it was said about me and that she also can see the changes.

Discovery reading and healing treatment performed by Zeljka and Robert.

Mr. M’s issues:

I need more energy and empowerment.

I am constantly tired even though I have million things to do.

I need to be more focused and concentrated.


Discovery Read Session Report for Mr. M.:

Today’s Discovery Read was on your Aura and Electromagnetic Energy Fields.

We thoroughly explored all realms, what is blocking you and need to be released, we performed readings and healings, discover dysfunctional beliefs, purified and change old scripts and channel and write new scripts for you, to repeat and follow.

We always ask for a guidance of the Holy Spirit in our sessions.


Mr. M’s Main dysfunctional belief: 

“I believe that what I see is not right, it must be something more to this.”

This shows that you do not trust your perceptions or intuition. We cleared this old believe and empowered the new one: I TRUST that my intuition and gut feeling guide me in creations for my Highest Good and the Highest Good of All.


Aura and Electromagnetic Energy Field: left side

Your Aura was bright on the left side, meaning that your Mother connection is good and you are getting new energy and power. Your receiving is good, you have good protection, good new energy for the future, good feelings about things. We purified old blocks and enhanced this area.

Aura and Electromagnetic Energy Field: right side

The right side that is connected with your Dad was blocked, dark, not allowing flow of energy out, nor releasing and processing new energy through. This means that energy was not flowing through you well, not supporting your body, your power, nor your projects. You do not release well, giving is poor (probably you give others but not to yourself), you hold onto the past. This block can be reason that you have low energy, you are tired, and not focused. Very possibly, when energy is low, people have fears and doubts. We purified old scripts in this area and empowered it.

Aura and Electromagnetic Energy Field: above your head

The Spiritual Energy in this area was bright but stagnant, as you do not know what to do with this, how to use it. Energy was powerful in this area but unused, waiting for your acceptance and guidance. We purified old blocks in this area and empowered it.

Aura and Electromagnetic Energy Field: mental energy around your head

Mental Energy in the aura around your head was showing that you want to get rid of some thoughts, memories, scripts, but they were coming back as flies or mosquitoes. We saw that you felt nervous energy vibrations in this area, fear and inability to control Life. We purified old scripts in this area and empowered it.

Aura and Electromagnetic Energy Field: shoulders

In the aura around your shoulders we saw burden that was pushing you down. Confidence was low, burdens and stressful responsibilities were pushing your head down, and you were effortlessly trying to move it up. We purified old blocks in this area and empowered it.

Aura and Electromagnetic Energy Field: throat

Aura around your throat, communication center, was disempowered, meaning that it is possible that you do not have energy to hear others, discuss issues with others, cope with all life puts on your plate. We purified old scripts in this area and empowered it.

Aura and Electromagnetic Energy Field: heart

Aura around your heart, emotional center, was very open and bright, but looked as a statue that someone put here long time ago, and now is hanging without life. This can show that brightness that was earlier here is not sustained, and now is lifeless, hanging in there. We purified and empowered this area to have more energy of joy in life and great relationship.

Aura and Electromagnetic Energy Field: stomach

Aura around your stomach, solar center, showed low energy of life that looked hanging as flower that was not watered for a long time. You did not show much affections here, rather indifference to all. We purified and empowered this area.

Aura and Electromagnetic Energy Field: sacral area

Aura around your sacral area, creative energy center, looked as it is repeating itself, as a wheel that is spinning around and around, not moving nowhere: as a hamster in the cage. This showed that when you need to create something, you need lots of effort to go off this marry-go-round and make progress. In this area we saw your desire for separation from others because they are taking too much of your energy, that you do not even have enough for yourself. We purified old scripts in this area and empowered it.

Aura and Electromagnetic Energy Field: around your hands

Aura around your hands, giving and receiving centers, was showing that you are able to receive, but not release. Even if you were not receiving any burden and dark energy, still, if you carry too much energy and not release whatever does not serve you any more, old energy creates too much burden for you to carry. So, we empowered your right hand to let go, release, give. We purified and empowered energy around your both hands.

Aura and Electromagnetic Energy Field: around your knees

Aura around your knees, ego centers, was pulling you down, on your knees, to kneel, be humble, descend. Energy here was not allowing you to lightly move forward in life, it was as heavy weight on your knees, holding you in this moment even when it became past moment. We purified and empowered this area, empowering your flexibility, receptivity, power.

Aura and Electromagnetic Energy Field: around and below your feet

Aura around and below your feet-roots, grounding centers, was like a pedestal on which you were standing, feeling OK, but fearing to move away from this platform. This stand was also holding you as a magnet, enabling you to step in the future, to understand situations in life and business, to trust moving forward in life. We purified and empowered this area.

At the end, we activated your ZeRo Point Essence of your pure Divine Conception. We saw you as a little boy, collecting the pieces of the puzzle of your life, putting them together, and as you were doing this, we saw the little boy growing and becoming adult. This showed us that in today’s Discovery Read session some parts of you that were disconnected are being put together, to harmonize your being in oneness again.


Mr. M’s Testimonials and Notes after his Discovery Read session:

I see that all you have done is extremely helpful and it is interesting what changes did I feel over the day, today.

I agree that in your Report I had found a lot of interesting information about myself.

For the first time I can actually speak to any person without any problem and ask them to do the things that are better for me.

I was all day doing the things that are good for ME, not for anyone else but for ME. This is actually very unique situation for me to see.

I am eager to have further session.